Pomegranate hearts and champagne

I know you’re sick of hearts and pink and anything Valentine’s Day related. But I’m not, so just deal with it for one more day.

Also this has alcohol in it. So I assume I’m forgiven?

There’s really no recipe for this one. All you have to do is go to Target and buy a $1 heart-shaped ice cube tray. Fill said tray with any red or pink colored liquid that freezes – I chose pomegranate soda that was on sale – and voila(!) you have heart-shaped ice.

Then pour your favorite champagne over a hearts (honestly people, go cheap here) and drink until you can’t feel feelings anymore.

Just kidding.

Drink because tomorrow is about love, and you love drinking. Drink because it’s Monday. Drink because you miss Whitney Houston.

Drink because you love someone.

Better yet, drink because you love yourself and I love you and life is great.

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