Virtual happy hour

Um, you guys? You know you’re allowed to yell at me when I don’t update this thing, right?

Shameful. Me, not you. I love you.

I love reading “coffee date” type posts (I was inspired by Jenna from Eat Live Run), but let’s be real here. To listen to me ramble on about my life you’re gonna need a drink a heck of a lot stronger than coffee. Soooo, what’s your poison? On me, of course.

If we were at happy hour sippin’ on drinks right now, I would first complain to you about how chilly it is here and how I still haven’t learned how to dress myself in the morning due to the weird microclimates that make it 10 degrees warmer where I live than where I work. And I mean, I so obviously need boots and a scarf in the morning….but then I look like an idiot around 2 p.m. when I go to get an ice coffee. I could really go for a personal stylist. Also, since we’re on the subject I would actually just like that ridiculous system Cher had in Clueless. So what if her closet was/is bigger than my apartment. No biggie.

Speaking of Clueless! Did I tell you I finally signed up for Netflix? So far I’ve watched Clueless and the entire first season of Workaholics. In one day. I need friends, please.

I’d also tell you about how I live in a relatively hip (or “hep” as my adorably Indian mother might say) neighborhood. Exciting?  Mostly. Except when I go to get coffee in my pajamas on Saturday mornings before coming back and crawling into another six hour Law&Order marathon. I literally have to fight through crowds of beautiful people waiting for a table at what must be the hottest brunch place (that just happens to reside at the end of my street, of course). But look, it’s going to happen. No amount of disgustingly amazing trendy people (who I want to be when I grow up) can stop me from wearing my comfy pants down two blocks to get my latte. Deal with it world!

I don’t think people still use the word “hip” in real life. Help.

P.S. Told you coffee wouldn’t be strong enough for this crazy. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you another drink soon!

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  1. Katie

     /  September 5, 2012

    Um we can for sure try this hip brunch place you speak of when I come…and then go back and watch tv because that sounds like something we would do!


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