Life, lately

Warning: There are a lot of  odd, kind of low quality photos coming up. But this has been life (minus work) and I’m loving it. And before you ask, yes I am obsessed with the moment when I became best friends with a parrot.

Typical week night dinner.

“I’m sorry, does Sabrina the Teenage Witch live here?”

My first Giants game. Actually, my first baseball game EVER.

Alanis! She sang “Ironic” and I almost lost my mind.

Well okay then.


It was such a moment.

P.S. About a minute after this was taken Rudy decided he wanted to explore a mole on my arm, and my friend hit him because he thought I was being abused by a parrot. Slightly ridiculous, but I felt loved. Also? Rudy didn’t ever want to leave my finger. BEST FRIENDS.

This is Rudy’s friend. I don’t know her name because she was kind of sassy and rude.

The bird man looking impossibly cool.

Gah, look at him! Is this real life? Okay I’m done. Promise.

Quite possibly the worst picture of all time. But! The best salsa in SF.

She’s wearing a Power Rangers dress, and I stalked her to take this picture.

He’s going to kill me when he realizes this is here.

Obviously not a recent picture. I just miss Max a lot. Look at that sweet face!

One of the many murals near my apartment. I couldn’t love this more.

Food post coming up tomorrow!

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