Chocolate chip apricot scones


I am SO excited about sharing this recipe with you guys today. It’s totally not mine, but when I found this recipe on Eat, Live, Run I knew I had to make them right away. And frankly, I’ve been making them ever since. It’s one of the few recipes that I actually follow – no adjustments needed. As far as scones go, these are just perfect in my eyes.

And you know what’s weird? I’m not even a scone person. I never understood the point of a baked good that is supposed to be kind of dry and crumbly. Every time I tried to eat one (which was often because I couldn’t handle the fact that there was a baked good I didn’t like) I always felt like I was eating a mistake. As if someone started out with the idea to make some delicious biscuit, but made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up with the scone.

There is also the possibility that my aversion to scones comes from the fact that they remind me of afternoon tea and class, and I am basically the opposite of all that nonsense. I mean, nobody looks at me and is like “man, that girl is all about tea and scones.” And I know you guys think I’m crazy for thinking that people actually say that about another person, but I say that about other people ALL THE TIME. Especially where I live, surrounded by so many interesting people, I feel like I can’t walk down the street without seeing “afternoon tea” girl,  “just black coffee” guy or (my personal hero) “girl who knows how many mimosas is too many mimosas.”

Then there’s me. The girl who prefers afternoon naps, junk in my coffee and mimosas to be served by the gallon.


All of this is to say that when it comes to scones, I obviously want them to taste like cookies. And these scones are about as close as I’ve ever gotten to that. Perfection. The dough even feels like cookie dough! It’s super easy to work with and is totally delicious raw, which is good because the dough is a tiny bit crumbly (these are actually scones, after all) and those crumbs will find themselves in your mouth. Weird how that happens, right?

So heres to all the other nappers, caramel latte lovers and brunch drinkers. Let’s be friends.


As I said before, this recipe is not mine. Since I don’t adapt or change these at all, I feel bad just copying somebody else’s recipe here. Head over to Eat, Live, Run for this one!!

P.S. The photos in this post were all taken via iPhone. Just felt like you needed to know that.

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