February Favorites

Yup, this is happening. I am completely OBSESSED with beauty videos on YouTube and monthly favorite videos are the best. However, I never even thought to blog about my own favorite things until I saw a post from How Sweet Eats (one of the best blogs out there) and decided I had to steal the idea. These are the things I have just been loving this month – mainly beauty related, with a few random thrown in because I am who I am.

Also, two things I kind of hated this month. But we’ll get to that at the end.

Okay, ready? Let’s go! (P.S. There’s no food in this post. Come back next week for that!)


So I have the driest skin EVER and it’s gotten a million times worse since I moved. The cold weather and wind are an absolute nightmare for my skin and I can barely deal. At this point, I’ve completely torn my legs up from scratching them so much (I go hard at night without even realizing it. I’ll literally wake up with bloody legs which is so gross and I have no idea why I’m even telling you this) so my number one goal in life (beside my health and career…and stuff) is finding moisturizing products to fix me. This Vaseline Body Gel Oil has been pretty awesome about keeping my legs soft all.day.long. Seriously, I put this on after I shower at night (only after I shave) and I can still feel it on my legs throughout the next day. It’s a tiny bit greasy so I only use a thin layer, but I’m loving it so far. I put the Soap & Glory Body Butter on after the vaseline has sunk in for a little bit and the combo of those two helps with my sad, dry, little legs. In all honesty, they still itch like crazy but these products keep me from tearing my legs up. The Eucerin cream is what I use on my face in the morning before I put make-up on. I just started using this cream this month out of necessity and I seriously love it.


I LOVE the Maybelline Color Tattoos (um, I may or may not have like eight) and this one in Barely Branded has been my go-to lately. Most days I just swipe some of this on my lid with my finger, put a little bit of eyeliner on and finish with mascara. Aaaaaand speaking of mascara, this has been my combo of late. I rarely ever just wear one mascara, as I feel like layering them always gives a better effect. Plus I am all about drama when it comes to my lashes, and two is just better than one in this case. I put one coat of Maybelline on first, then the Loreal Telescopic on top. LOVE. This Covergirl under eye corrector is probably my favorite find of the month. It’s so creamy, and when layered underneath my regular concealer I see a huge difference in the way my face looks. PLUS! I’ve been using it almost every single day for like three weeks and have barely, barely made a dent. This stuff is going to last forever.


This Wet n’ Wild highlighter in Reserve Your Cabana is just everything to me. For starters, it’s technically a bronzer..but HELLO?! It’s obviously light enough to be a highlight for me and I wear it every single day. It’s not super shimmery like my other highlighting products so I don’t go to work looking like a disco ball every day. Instead, I like to think it gives me a “glow from within” type of look. People who see me on the regular are welcome to disagree here.


Oh gosh. Lips. You guys would be ill if you knew how many lip products I own. The Maybelline Color Whisper in Made-It Mauve up top was another new find this month and is a great nude color for me. While it is really nice on it’s own (super smooth!), I actually like to layer this light pink Rimmel gloss (I *think* it’s called Nonstop Glamour) on top – super pretty! When I’ve been wanting a little color on my lips this month, I’ve reached for my Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. It’s a plummy (duh) color and is just really, really pretty. Really. Lastly, I use that medicated ointment everyday because I have really dry lips AND the worst habit of peeling them (so gross, I know) when I’m stressed out. Whoops.


I have roughly 2940340 bottles of nail polish, so picking favorites is always a little tough. I paint my nails about once a week, so in general I go through four colors a month (yes, I really am this serious about nail polish). This Wet n’ Wild Megalast in On a Trip? Pretty sure I wore it twice this month which is HUGE. It’s so pretty and I’m definitely rocking it on the nails right now (as shown in the picture, duh). The lighting is a bit off, and in real life it’s a bit more muted and not as blue-toned as it comes off here. The other one is Maybelline Color Show in Born With It . I firmly believe you can never have enough baby pink polishes so this is one of like….17.


Hair! I use both of these products after I wash my hair. The It’s a 10 spray is life-changing and I think everybody should own it. It’s basically a leave-in conditioner, but it seems like so much more! I have really thick, wavy, dry (shocking, I know) hair and this is the only thing I’ve found that keeps it fairly tame. And while nothing can keep my hair from getting frizzy, this Herbal Essences Creme comes pretty close. I run a couple of pumps through the bottom half of my hair and lately I’ve been noticing a difference in the way my hair looks and feels.


I’m a candle freak. This Renew & Refresh one is amazing.


Such a fun read! Really sweet and easy to get through, and – bonus – bread recipes!!


Love. Always & Forever.


Sigh. Now for a few things that I did not like this month. This dry shampoo I got from Bath and Bodyworks? HORRIBLE. It just made my hair super sticky and weird looking. I am honestly better off keeping my grease ball hair than using this. And these Nivea lip butters are the perfect example of how I can’t contain myself around new products. I bought THREE of these (the other one is at work), only to find out they aren’t that moisturizing. Total bummer. The caramel one up there is the least worst of the bunch..but it’s still pretty useless. I mean, I’m going to finish using them but I’m certainly not happy about it.

Okay, that’s it! This ended up being waaaaaay longer than I anticipated but I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF. I love talking about beauty products, which is why now would be a really good time for you to tell me about your faves. Bonus points if you have a secret lotion that will save my legs!

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  1. I’m bummed to hear that the Nivea lip butters weren’t particularly moisturizing. I have been having dry skin issues too — mainly because I’ve been fighting off various colds for the past three months — and had those on my shopping list to help with my Kleenex-chapped mouth!

    • It’s weird because I actually read a lot of good reviews before I bought them. I know formulas react differently for people, so it could just be that my lips don’t like them. They are a tiny bit pricey (for a chapstick-like product, at least), but maybe if you find them on sale you can still pick one up to try? Also, I’ve had a cold for the past few weeks and that blister medicated ointment + regular vaseline have been saving my life!!

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