Virtual happy hour


It’s time for a drink.

Because we’re busy. Because dinner consists of Cheez-Its and seaweed snacks. Because I’ve been trying to perfect a granola recipe for you for the past six weeks. Because I’m failing at granola.

Because life.

If we were at happy hour, I’m pretty sure I would do nothing but talk your ear off about the TV shows I’m obsessed with. We’d probably do a quick recap of Girls because I still can’t even look at a q-tip without wanting to throw up. Also, I just love Adam so much I want to punch him in the face. Then, we’d have to discuss Mad Men! But only through season three because, in proper Mansee fashion, I didn’t start watching the show until….um, a month ago? I like to jump on bandwagons three years after everybody has jumped off. It’s my thing. And then. THEN. We talk about Scandal. I mean, what? How I even function in real life when I’m so obsessed with Olivia Pope and her life is beyond me. I rarely watch it in real time because it’s on at 10 p.m. and by Thursday I’m ready to go to bed at like 4 p.m. Therefore, Scandal has become a Friday night ritual for me that requires a lot a wine and a lack of friends.

Still single by the way. Shocking.

I’d also tell you about my run in with three coffee shops last week that offered me delicious coffee WITHOUT a side of Wi-Fi and almost ruined my life. (okay not true.) I’m incredibly lucky that I work in an office that allows everybody to work from home on Fridays, and while I don’t mind working in the office it’s always nice to be able to wear pajamas all day (certainly makes the transition from work to Scandal/wine time much easier). Last Friday the internet at my place was super wonky and I just could not deal. No biggie – I live in an area crawling with coffee shops so this was not a problem, right? WRONG. Apparently we don’t believe in Wi-Fi anymore because people should be enjoying coffee while reading a book. Or talking. With their mouths. To a real life person. Whatever.

Can we talk about music for a second? Mainly, I want YOU to tell me what I should be listening to. I’ve been doing this thing where I look up covers of songs I like on YouTube and then buy all of them on iTunes because they’re all amazing and make me sad that I can’t sing. (I also like supporting kids who are making a name for themselves on YouTube because I’m weirdly passionate about it. It’s the future, guys.) So basically I have eight renditions of “Just Give Me a Reason” that I listen to over and over again because I don’t know any better. This one is my favorite – the girl’s voice slays me.

Also, I can’t stop listening to Thrift Shop.

Should we go back to talking about Scandal? WE NEED TO DISCUSS HUCK’S LIFE.


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  1. Hammer

     /  April 30, 2013

    Too funny! Hope you’re doing well Manz!!

  2. Katie

     /  April 30, 2013

    Couple of things…
    1. I MISS YOU!
    2. Still obsessed with Girls….now freaked out by Q-tips also
    3. I wished we lived closer because you KNOW I like hanging out in PJs watching tv on Friday nights and going to bed earlier than my parents
    4. I’m completely obsessed with Just Give Me a Reason and now I am going to listen to covers because for some reason that never entered my mind!
    5. Come back home soon! (to visit since I know San Fran trumps Austin…duh!)

    • I miss you too! Every single day I wonder why I haven’t received a text from you saying you and Justin are moving here 🙂

      • Katie

         /  May 2, 2013

        Oh man would I love that!! I think Hunter & Lexie could fit in with the hip bull dogs in your neighborhood!

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