September favorites

Hi everyone! Can we just talk about how I’m only a week late with these (and forget that I chose not to do an August one)?! It’s my favorite time of life – time to talk beauty!


So first, the kind of boring stuff. I’ve been using this tea tree spray for the past month or so because I read somewhere that it helped with breakouts (did I tell you I’m suddenly an adult who breaks out? because I am). I just mix a few drops of this tea tree oil with water and spray it on my face in the morning before I put on moisturizer. In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure it works but I’ve come to really like the experience of spraying it on my face. I’m weird.


I’ve been on a mission to use up my body butters as I’ve decided I’m not allowed to buy more until I use what I have (so adult of me, right?). I dug out these two and have really been loving them. At this point, I’m basically putting three separate lotions on everyday but I don’t mind. Body Shop knows how to do a body butter and strawberry and coconut smell so good. Like, I just want to eat myself with these on.These are both the smaller sizes, and then I have two more FULL-SIZE ones that my mom bought me when she was here that I need to get through before I can buy a new one. Naturally, I already have my eye on one (Josie Maran is my everything right now) and will be purchasing it as soon as these are done. The problem is that these body butters are so amazingly thick, you don’t need that much! At this rate, I won’t be getting my Josie one until next Spring. Womp womp.


This lip balm. OH MY GOD THIS LIP BALM. I just – there are no words. It’s perfect. And expensive. And wonderful. And why would anyone spend this much on a lip balm. And roses! And I die.

Dior, I can’t quit you.


Considering how many beauty blogs I read and how much of my time goes to watching beauty videos on YouTube, you’d be surprised at how little MAC stuff I own. I finally locked it up and ordered a few things over the summer, and this paint pot in Soft Ochre was part of that. Honestly, it’s so boring but has to be the most perfect eye base thing I’ve ever used. Sometimes I use this without eye shadow and it just covers up whatever weirdness I have on my eyelids (don’t lie, your eyelids are weird too).


Is this not the prettiest eye palette you’ve ever seen?! These colors are so, so gorgeous and blend like a dream! If you’re looking for a great palette of colors and are trying to decide between the Lorac Pro or the Naked palettes, I would highly recommend the Lorac Pro. I own the original Naked, and ADORE it, but think this one is just more versatile because it has a wider range of colors and it includes matte and shimmer shades. If you’re someone who really likes to experiment this palette will be your life. If you’re someone who likes to experiment AND you’re completely out of your mind, you’ll probably own both and consider buying the second Naked (oh hi, me).


My go-to lip combo for September was definitely this one. Although it’s basically summer in SF, I still start to gravitate toward more fall-like colors once August ends. Both of these are beautiful cranberry shades, yet both are pretty sheer. The pencil is very similar to my beloved Revlon lip balm pencil things, but these are the Jordana version. Much cheaper, but only sold at Walgreens. These are more moisturizing then the former, but the shine wears off more quickly. With that said, this Cranberry Crush color does stain your lips and that stays for a while. The Cover Girl lip smoochie (what? i know) in LUV U (seriously. i know) is basically a chapstick, but I think it looks beautiful on top of this pencil.


Look at these colors, guys! So much love. Essie’s Rasberry is one is one of my favorite reds and I actually wore it two weeks in a row (technically one of those weeks was October). This was partly due to laziness, but mainly because I just adore the color and had not gotten sick of it. The second one is Loreal’s Greycian Goddess and is much more beautiful in person and is a perfect neutral color if you’re looking to break out of the baby pink club.

And that’s it! I’ll be back next month for sure because I already have a lip gloss I’m obsessed with for October. I’m the worst.

P.S. Look at how classy the packaging is for this damn Dior lip balm. ADMIRE THE BEAUTY.


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