September favorites

Hi everyone! Can we just talk about how I’m only a week late with these (and forget that I chose not to do an August one)?! It’s my favorite time of life – time to talk beauty!


So first, the kind of boring stuff. I’ve been using this tea tree spray for the past month or so because I read somewhere that it helped with breakouts (did I tell you I’m suddenly an adult who breaks out? because I am). I just mix a few drops of this tea tree oil with water and spray it on my face in the morning before I put on moisturizer. In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure it works but I’ve come to really like the experience of spraying it on my face. I’m weird.


I’ve been on a mission to use up my body butters as I’ve decided I’m not allowed to buy more until I use what I have (so adult of me, right?). I dug out these two and have really been loving them. At this point, I’m basically putting three separate lotions on everyday but I don’t mind. Body Shop knows how to do a body butter and strawberry and coconut smell so good. Like, I just want to eat myself with these on.These are both the smaller sizes, and then I have two more FULL-SIZE ones that my mom bought me when she was here that I need to get through before I can buy a new one. Naturally, I already have my eye on one (Josie Maran is my everything right now) and will be purchasing it as soon as these are done. The problem is that these body butters are so amazingly thick, you don’t need that much! At this rate, I won’t be getting my Josie one until next Spring. Womp womp.


This lip balm. OH MY GOD THIS LIP BALM. I just – there are no words. It’s perfect. And expensive. And wonderful. And why would anyone spend this much on a lip balm. And roses! And I die.

Dior, I can’t quit you.


Considering how many beauty blogs I read and how much of my time goes to watching beauty videos on YouTube, you’d be surprised at how little MAC stuff I own. I finally locked it up and ordered a few things over the summer, and this paint pot in Soft Ochre was part of that. Honestly, it’s so boring but has to be the most perfect eye base thing I’ve ever used. Sometimes I use this without eye shadow and it just covers up whatever weirdness I have on my eyelids (don’t lie, your eyelids are weird too).


Is this not the prettiest eye palette you’ve ever seen?! These colors are so, so gorgeous and blend like a dream! If you’re looking for a great palette of colors and are trying to decide between the Lorac Pro or the Naked palettes, I would highly recommend the Lorac Pro. I own the original Naked, and ADORE it, but think this one is just more versatile because it has a wider range of colors and it includes matte and shimmer shades. If you’re someone who really likes to experiment this palette will be your life. If you’re someone who likes to experiment AND you’re completely out of your mind, you’ll probably own both and consider buying the second Naked (oh hi, me).


My go-to lip combo for September was definitely this one. Although it’s basically summer in SF, I still start to gravitate toward more fall-like colors once August ends. Both of these are beautiful cranberry shades, yet both are pretty sheer. The pencil is very similar to my beloved Revlon lip balm pencil things, but these are the Jordana version. Much cheaper, but only sold at Walgreens. These are more moisturizing then the former, but the shine wears off more quickly. With that said, this Cranberry Crush color does stain your lips and that stays for a while. The Cover Girl lip smoochie (what? i know) in LUV U (seriously. i know) is basically a chapstick, but I think it looks beautiful on top of this pencil.


Look at these colors, guys! So much love. Essie’s Rasberry is one is one of my favorite reds and I actually wore it two weeks in a row (technically one of those weeks was October). This was partly due to laziness, but mainly because I just adore the color and had not gotten sick of it. The second one is Loreal’s Greycian Goddess and is much more beautiful in person and is a perfect neutral color if you’re looking to break out of the baby pink club.

And that’s it! I’ll be back next month for sure because I already have a lip gloss I’m obsessed with for October. I’m the worst.

P.S. Look at how classy the packaging is for this damn Dior lip balm. ADMIRE THE BEAUTY.



June favorites

I mean, I guess this is really my April/May/June favorites since I apparently felt it necessary to skip the last two months. I’m also trying to keep these shorter, and really show the things that I’ve been using over and over again. Why? Because while I do have my favorites, I really love beauty stuff and am constantly trying new things and rediscovering products in my collection. Because of this, it’s rare for me to use the same lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. every single day. BUT if the product shows up in one of these posts, please considered it endorsed by me (although I’m very obviously not compensated. These brands literally have no idea who I am).

(P.S. I’ve ordered a little lighting setup so hopefully my photos will be heaps better once I figure all that out. Thank you for your patience while I figure this whole blogging thing out!)

Okay, let’s go!


Starting with this Josie Maran Argan Oil because it has managed to solve about 75% of my skin issues in the six weeks I’ve been using it. I use about four drops of it at night on top of my regular night cream, and then in the morning I mix one drop into my daily moisturizer and smooth it over my face and neck. YOU GUYS. This stuff is incredible. I know the idea of voluntarily putting oil on your face sounds weird, but this one is really moisturizing and gives my skin the slightest little glow (and we all know how much I love the glow). I will say, I naturally have very dry skin so the fact that it is an oil is not a problem for me. If your skin is oily, I still think you can use it but you’ll probably just need less. LOVE.


Because of the oil, I haven’t had the issues with dry skin patches on my eyelids and have turned back to my trusty shimmery are-you-still-in-highschool eyeshadow! When I did have those dry eyelid problems, I either just didn’t wear eyeshadow or I would reach for my Naked Basics palette because the matte shadows didn’t make the grossness so obvious. Anyway, this month I’ve been using this ELF All Over Color Stick in Toasted as a base over my lid, and then picking and choosing various shades for those two palettes. In all honesty, I’d say I actually used the Wet n’ Wild one the most, but I did take the Naked palette with me on vacation and was very proud of myself for not packing any other eyeshadow. Also, please note that both of those palettes HAVE THE EXACT SAME COLORS IN THEM. That, my friends, is me in a nutshell. I have no excuses. Ridiculous.


Other eye stuff! That (blurry) Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara has been an absolute favorite of mine, and is definitely going in my top five list. I know mascara works differently for everybody so it’s hard to really say that it will work for you, but I will say this one layers really well with other mascaras and doesn’t get all flaky even if you put on, like, 10 layers of the stuff. I use the (also blurry) Bare Minerals Well-Rested Concealer OVER my regular concealer to help with the little creases I tend to get as the day goes on. A tiny bit goes a long way with this stuff, and I really love it.


As part of my mission to use up products that I’ve forgotten about, I dug out these two ELF products. And even though ELF is super cheap, I have to admit they have some good stuff. I’m a huge fan of this blush in Candid Coral which is a really pretty coral/peachy color. And this (surprise!) Warm Bronzer is really nice to just dust over the entire face for a little “warmth” (as the pros call it?). Super pretty, in my little humble opinion.


In the past month, I’ve managed to convince multiple girls to buy these Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. I really can’t say enough good things about them, and am desperately waiting for Revlon to come out with more colors. This one is in Honey, and I wear it at least twice a week. They go on really well, the color stays put for a while and I’ve noticed that most of the range really works well on different skin tones. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t yet (or if you know me in real life just ask me to bring you some to try. I’m like a lip product fairy these days)! The lipstick here is one of the Maybelline Vivids in Vivid Rose. It is without a doubt, the prettiest pink I own and the one that I think looks the best on me. The color stays on for-e-ver, but it can be a bit drying and little high maintenance (meaning I feel the need to look at myself more times than I would rather) so I wouldn’t consider this an everyday color for me. But still, I adore this lipstick.


This dry shampoo! I really can go a while between washes, but I do depend on this stuff to add a little oomph into my roots on my non-wash days. I’ve pretty much taken it upon myself to try all the dry shampoos out there (almost every company is coming out with one) and so far this Batiste one is definitely my favorite. Very little white cast, not sticky and it easily blends in the hair.


So, I feel like we haven’t talked about this, but I’m kind of a weirdo about perfume. I haven’t found “my scent” yet, but I’m also not willing to drop a ton of money on perfumes I don’t love at first sniff. Until I find the perfect one, I’ve been relying on some of my cheaper alternatives. This one from Bath and Bodyworks makes me really happy, so I would consider it a favorite. With that said, I am always open to new perfumes. What is your favorite?!


I’m all about hand cream, and use it no less than 10 times a day. This one is unnecessarily pricey for a hand cream (in my opinion) but it smells so lovely and feels really nice. Also! You can put it one and immediately use your phone (aka no greasiness!) which is kind of a big deal for me.

DSCN1619Saved the most fun for last! This is Essie Bikini So Teeny, Sally Hansen Fuschia Power and Essie Blanc. The pink has been on my toes for the majority of the month, and the two Essie colors are two of my favorite spring/summer colors. Bikini So Teeny is a really, really pretty blue/periwinkle color. Blanc is literally just a while nail polish, but it looks so good with a summer tan (for people that need to tan. I just have it because I feel the need to own a lot of nail polish).

That’s it! What have you been loving? Please tell me because I always want to talk beauty!

March favorites

I really hope you guys like these posts. I love beauty stuff as much as I love food (and you!), and since I do what I want these monthly posts are probably going to continue until you guys tell me to shut.up.

(And until then I’ll try to figure out the lighting situation for all of this. I know these photos are the worst…but this was after spending almost two hours on this. Forgive me, please.)


Okay. So, my skin? It’s still dry. I’m still a monster.  Above is a snapshot of all the lotions I’ve tried (and liked) this month. I can’t even pick a favorite of the favorites, because these all have their specific roles in my “Operation Touchable Skin” plan. HOWEVER, if I lost all these and had to pick two to repurchase it would definitely be the Nivea Essentially Enriched (recommended by my friend, Sarah!) and the Neosporin Eczema Essentials Anti-Itch Cream. Although, if I really did lose all of these I would probably just make an appointment with my doctor to get the prescription eczema stuff. That seems like more of an adult thing to do than spending half a paycheck on lotion. Whatever.


So above is my “day face.” Basically this is what I wear to work like 90% of the time. Of course, I’m still using some of the stuff from last month’s favorites (like the highlighter and concealer), but these are some of the new goodies I’ve been loving. So, starting from the top left is the blush I’ve worn every single day in March. Blush is one of the few makeup products I’m not obsessed with – meaning I only have a few – so I’m normally pretty happy to stick with one until it runs out. This one is a peachy-pink color and it’s a cream so it blends really easily. The eyeshadow palette is the Urban Decay Naked Basics and is the new love of my life. I have the original Naked palette, and while I adore it, the colors are a little too shimmery for everyday use. This one is pretty much all matte and perfect for work. The eyeliner is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liner in Nude and I wear it in my lower waterline. I’m actually a big fan of black liner in the waterline, but again, this seemed more work-appropriate. Moving on…my bronzer! Okay, so full disclosure: I wear two bronzers on the daily (three if you could that highlighter that is actually a bronzer). It’s my holy grail product and nobody can keep me from it…so just deal with it. ANYWAY, this one is technically a face powder I think (although this color is called Bronze Glow)? However, enough of it as a contour and it’s totally bronzer. Also, it cost like four dollars. My other favorite countering bronzer costs $28….so I like to switch off. The two lipsticks (Rimmel Lasting Matte – number 104 and Loreal Colour Caresse in Blushing Sequin)are the two I reached for the most….out of my 57 lipsticks to choose from. I’m just the worst.


Night/weekend stuff! That gorgeous eye shadow is Sin from Urban Decay. Obsessed. Sometimes I like to switch up the black liner for this dark blue one (Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Deep Ocean)….it’s real pretty. On the weekends I’ve been a huge fan of berry lipsticks. This means I rock them going to the grocery store and doing my laundry…because that’s kind of all I do on the weekends. Whatever, I’m sure the Safeway cashiers are always just SO impressed with my berry colored lips. Those four are the ones I reach for the most. Do I need all four? Absolutely not. They’re basically all the same, but I’m insane so I need all of them (right to left: Milani Color Statement Lipstick in /15/”>Uptown Mauve, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Blissful Berry and Loreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Infinite Fuchsia).

(P.S. Why are these product names SO LONG?!)


I’ve had this Rosebud Salve FOREVER. I put it on my lips every night after I wash my face and moisturize and stuff. I have a little thing of vaseline that I put on right before I go to bed…but I still convince myself this is an important step in my routine. IMG_0543

My FAVORITE of the all these favorites! I’ve been wanting to buy this Moroccan Oil for years, but I never took the plunge because it’s kind of pricey. However, I’ve been really into haircare stuff recently so I decided to just suck it up and buy the damn stuff. Best decision ever. I use just one pump after I’ve washed my hair (and after I’ve used the It’s a 10 Miracle Spray from my last post), focusing on the ends of my hair. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s made a huge difference in the way my hair looks..but I can feel the difference when I touch my hair. If you have crazy hair that kind of does whatever if feels like, I totally recommend this stuff.IMG_0559Obviously couldn’t decide on my favorite nail polish this month. First up is that Essie base coat. I never used to wear a base coat, but I started this month and I swear it’s made a difference in the way my nails look and the way polish goes on. Truth. The second one is Essie Turquoise and Caicos. Then Sally Hansen Coral Reef and OPI Am I Making Myself Claire? (from the Modern Family collection!). Love them all.


This candle is from an adorable little store a few blocks from my place. It’s unnecessarily expensive for a candle, but it smells fabulous and I think it’s just SO pretty. (Also, hi mom and dad!)


So cute, right?! It’s from J Crew (I know, I know. Who goes to J Crew and walks out with a phone case?) P.S. Looks like this is on sale on their website!! I, of course, paid full price. No regrets.

Okay, that’s it for now! Anything you’ve been loving lately? I’m always up for trying new things!